Grochmal Eye Center will make you confident in our deep experience and professional skill in LASIK, Cataract surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, and Glaucoma procedures. Just ask our patients. Excellent vision improvement results and patient satisfaction have made referrals from Grochmal Eye Center patients and doctors commonplace. What can be higher praise than when other doctors look to you for care as a patient? Many doctors and their families have been treated by Dr. Grochmal.

Our patients all share one thing in common, the joy of restored sight they haven’t experienced in years, a return of vision that has made improved and marked changes in their quality of life. Read their testimonials:

“In November, 2009, I had surgery to repair a wrinkling on my retina which had significantly affected my vision. I had consulted Dr. Grochmal for this and he expertly diagnosed the condition and referred me to a retina specialist who performed the surgery. I was told by Dr. Grochmal that a cataract would develop within a year and indeed it did. By April, 2010 my vision had deteriorated to the point where I wanted the cataract surgically removed. Dr. Grochmal performed this surgery noting that the previously performed LASIK surgery would require special measurements and customized calculations to assure the power of the intraocular lens was correct. The results were better than I had hoped and I now have 20/20 vision without glasses.
Dr. Grochmal is my regular Ophthalmologist. He previously had performed lasik surgery on me 11 years ago with outstanding results. In all of my years as a patient, Dr. Grochmal has consistently treated me with positive results. As a patient, I feel he tells me what is wrong, advises me what needs to be done, and then corrects the problem. Most importantly, Dr. Grochmal explains up front exactly what the expectations are, which gives the patient the confidence needed going into a procedure. In each situation, things have turned out as he forecasted. I find Dr. Grochmal to be an excellent diagnostician and ophthalmic surgeon.”

Robert J. Mellendick, 2011

“Dr. Grochmal and his staff are wonderful and professional. I really appreciated the time Dr. Grochmal took to ease all my concerns and to explain the process. I felt confident and relaxed through the entire procedure, and well cared for from my first appointment through all the follow-ups. What I also really appreciate is that Dr. Grochmal not only performs the procedure, but he is also the opthamologist for my follow-up appointments. Often, I have found, that is not the case. I highly recommend Dr. Grochmal and his wonderful team!”

Robert J. Mellendick, 2000

“I had the LASIK surgery five months ago. After 30 years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I went from not being able to identify someone 10 feet away to seeing like I did as a child. Dr. Grochmal was precise, professional, and reassuring. He answered all my questions and put me at ease during the entire experience, which I may add, is entirely painless. I could not be more pleased with my choice of LASIK surgery by Dr. Grochmal.”

Andria Yu

“Dr. Grochmal is extremely professional and the office staff could not be more pleasant. I have referred several friends to Dr. Grochmal and will continue to do so. LASIK surgery has definitely improved my quality of life.”

Lee Trice

“Dr. Grochmal’s experience and confidence level regarding the LASIK surgery quickly dispelled my initial apprehension. Having the surgery was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. My vision is excellent and not having to use glasses for routine tasks, such as driving or watching TV, has been great. Thank you to Dr. Grochmal and his staff!”

Kevin Meyd

“I’ve been enjoying my 20/20 vision for two years now. Thanks to LASIK (monovision), Dr. Grochmal corrected one eye for close vision and one for distance vision – the best of both worlds. For the first time since I was six years old, I am able to read and see in the distance without glasses or contact lenses. It has been extremely helpful to me in my professional life as an associate professor in Health Education and a scuba diving instructor for my own business.”

Ed Hoffman

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